This is the best thing I can post on Father’s Day. LOL

How do you want to be remembered?

Aviation Vectors by Joel James Devlin: Airplanes like atoms in space.

The orbits of the moons and planets form a 4-dimensional fractal helix in spacetime.

Tracks made by atomic particles from a particle accelerator. Wandering particles on the wandering planet.

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Stunning Long Exposure Photographs of Gold Fireflies in Japan by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu: Nature can makes its own microcosm of Los Angeles landscape too.

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The Treachery of Sanctuary by Chris Milk: Why I want to learn how to program my Kinect. I know, I know, birds are easy way out, but… they are so cool.

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Last post for today.

Life Before Death by journalist Beate Lakotta and photographer Walter Schels:

The industrialization of death - die in a hospital and then be shoved into a coffin immediately - has while protected some from depression, but has also wrecked havoc on how we value death in our society, which resulted in an army of cowards who cannot live life to its bravest, and who can only fear death.

This is journalism and photography at its best.

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Chrysler Building’s Observatory by William van Alen: Theater set design crosses architectural interior design, and exposes your subconscious mind in celestial fairy tales.

“The steeply tilted walls reflected structural necessity masked as pure design through a close look at Expressionst film sets, principally the angular mad-house of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”

Cool Brolly by yamuhaton: The Dymaxion umbrella. And your pants will still be wet.

TV Barrow by CW&T: Fellow Brooklynites amalgamated a bike and a big screen TV.


Hasegawa® Lucano Step Stools: If Jony Ives were to make ladders, these are pretty close. Yes, Jony Ives is still a great industrial designer if not UX designer.

Works by Fabian Buergy: Sculpture turns into landscape of ephemeral thoughts.

Darkened Cities by Thierry Cohen: Oscar Niemeyer is still amazing.  The Milky Way agrees.